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It's easy to move straight into buying new technology. Perhaps a device is broken and needs urgently replacing. Perhaps a local school is having success with a new platform or perhaps you've been to a trade show and been dazzled by a new opportunity.

Working with hundreds of schools each year as we do, we see the pitfalls of buying like this; when you don't fully understand where you are and what you need now, what works, and what you'll need in three years.

Here's how we help...

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Classroom Healthcheck

We'll paint a detailed picture of where your school or Trust is now with technology - at multi-site level, school level and classroom level.

Data, evidence, notes and photography of each and every space.

We'll share your data with you via our Classroom Healthcheck web portal, and help you use this as the groundwork to build a plan.

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It'll soon be statutory for all schools to have a Carbon Reduction Plan, overseen by a Designated Sustainability Lead.

As part of our Planning phase, we'll understand where you are now with sustainability using technology.

We'll then provide data and information on how your technology improvements contribute to your sustainability goals; energy consumption, carbon reduction, longevity of technology and more.


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