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A man and woman testing features on an interactive touchscreen.

Using the technology is the last, but most important step for you and your staff to get the most from your technology to ease teacher time and increase student engagement with a whole plethora of interactive resources to enhance current and create new class content.

Our CPD training packages can help you staff providing a mixture of video, online and in person training sessions and other resources to help further understanding and support all staff, whatever their level, get comfortable with their new technology.

Our online offering, the Elementary Technology Academy, has multiple assets to help with this. You can sign up with your school or even your whole MAT. Exploring the best ways to use your educational technology and broadening your teaching toolbox.

Three people discussing classroom technology in the experience centre.


Offering a variety of online and in person content across multiple hardware options to help you familiarise and utilise your new technology.

We want to ensure that you know the best way to use the tools you've been supplied with.

A man and woman discussing how to use an interactive touchscreen in the experience centre.


Giving detailed and thoroughly explained content so all users can understand the new technology no matter what their previous experience level is, giving all staff the platform to engage with the new technology. Regular help workshops can also further your understanding, either as a refresher or a top up in conjunction to any CPD training.

A woman using the included pen to annotate on Promethean's ActivPanel 9 Premium


The online platform of the Academy offers insights and guides to a number of technology options beyond what your school might have purchased, some of which could be incorporated into your existing teaching offering, such as enhanced SEND offering, or the opportunity to explore further options to see if they could work for you, both of existing tech, and new technology as it becomes available

A group of teachers taking part in a Training session


Interact with your peers or EdTech Heroes to help with new best practice, or join the workshops to further understanding.

Plus, look out for our live industry leading webinars, showing potential new technology standards and insights to the education sector from top field-leading experts, such as our recent 'AI in Education' event.


Helping you ensure staff have the skills to deliver on your vision

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